Corporate training suits one or a group of delegates having a forthcoming business trip to China, Japan or Korea, who might not have enough time to learn the language to reach a certain level to manage daily life without the help of an interpreter. 

The training package is focused on obtaining an insight into the key aspects of the culture to prevent a culture shock. Indeed you will be taught to maser some basic and essential conversations to get around the city where your assignments are required to be completed.

As part of the package corporate translation and interpretation services are also provided. 

Please book your initial FREE 30 minutes consultation session below now, or email for further information. 

Pudong District - Shanghai 

                                      Key Aspects of Chinese Culture     

  • The core of traditional Chinese culture 
  • Major historical personages
  • Philosophy and popular religions / belief systems 
  • Social changes and economy reformation since 1979 
  • Business or cooperate culture 
  • Modern lifestyles 
  • Food and drinks, dinning etiquette 


Key Aspects of Japanese Culture  

  • Influential historical personages
  • Traditional Japanese paintings and follower arrangement
  • Japanese people's perceptions on work, family and natural disasters
  • Art, music and fashion


Key Aspects of Korean Korean 

  • Influential historical figures 
  • Successful Korean enterprises 
  • Korean pop culture, beauty and fashion industry
  • Korean cuisine 

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